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Cnect Direct is the hiring software solution for businesses of all types. A platform that manages job promotion, enhances candidate engagement and organizes applicants with visual pipelines.

Your standard of hiring, with a modern upgrade

The hiring software solution that hires people, not resumes.

Accelerate candidate interaction by
Improve employee quality by
Boost offer acceptance rate by

Optimize your hiring process with Cnect Direct

Attract candidates eager to work and discover the individual behind the application, beyond just their resume.

Cnect Direct- Hiring Software Solution

Give your company a unique and personalized careers page.

Have your jobs distributed across 400+ job boards with one click.

Ditch the resumes and review interesting and personal applications through digital profiles. 

Communicating with applicants has never been easier and more efficient, our messaging system gives the ability to use videos or text to ask questions.

Your candidates will experience a simplified application approach, keeping them all under one profile

Organize how you hire, and respond to applicants quicker, speeding up your hiring process and candidate outreach.

It’s about time hiring benefited from modern technology

Automatically pool your applicants and access at lightning speeds using our beautiful hiring software.

Save your time with AI supported job description creation.

Easily grade each applicant with a personal candidate ranking.

Organize and collaborate with your fellow hiring team members by building your perfect library of interview questions in one click.

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While we believe in the advantages of Cnect Direct, we encourage you to hear directly from employers who have experienced its benefits first hand.

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Choosing the right hiring software solution isn’t just about functionality—it’s about finding a tool that understands the importance of skills, personality, and genuine desire. If your current system isn’t capturing that trifecta effectively, it might be time to consider Cnect Direct.

Cnect Direct- Hiring Software Solution
Cnect Direct- Hiring Software Solution

Discover what hiring in modern times feels like.